UAS seeks to integrate and inspire the sustainability movement in the San Francisco Bay Area and beyond.

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More individuals and organizations than ever before are co-creating a better, brighter world. The field is ripe for cultivation and collaboration!

The Urban Alliance wants to hear about your work and your vision of a sustainable society. Help us to help all of our efforts be even more energized and effective.

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2007 Green Zebra Guide

Imagine a world where it’s easy to live naturally in the city. Green Zebra takes you one step closer. Receive great discounts while you support local green businesses like Rainbow Market and Eatwell Farms, and put something in UAS’ coffers while you’re at it!

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Upcoming events
Thu, Mar 08
Sustainable Business Happy Hour
Thu, Mar 15
Presidio School of Management- Sustainable MBA OPEN HOUSE
Thu, Mar 15
UAS Green Movie Night – Ayurveda: The Art of Being

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Healing the Whole Human
Physical body : Nutrition | Life Force body : Therapeutics Emotional body : Movement | Mental body : Meditation Health care is an institution, just like education, government, and religion. Modern …

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Yoga Be My Lady
Yoga, be my lady. You are always there for me, and always here. When I am away, you welcome me back, with open eyes and flowing arms, without a word and nary a sound. During the noisy spans of your absence, I may not think of you, but …

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Alternative Exchange Systems
The value of the US dollar is slowly decreasing internationally and domestically. In addition, American citizens are beginning to realize that their hard earned dollars are being taxed daily to fund terrorism, perpetuate poverty, and destroy the planet. Most dollars find their ways to …

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The resources that we, the birds, the bees, the humans, the fish, the planet share are the commons. Every living thing on earth needs atmospheric gases to survive, so our planet’s atmosphere is a common. Humans live in cities, use banks, eat food, and provide labor- …
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Our Carbon Future

Carbon is the basis of life, of all living things. It is the basis of fossil fuels, those on which our economy is based. Since the Industrial Revolution we have been mining the world’s carbon to run machinery, to manufacture, to produce. The irony is that this production …

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