About UAS

About UAS


Three years ago several local green businesses, non-profits, permaculture designers and community activists came together to form an organization that would address the need for inspiration and integration of the growing, meandering sustainability movement in the San Francisco Bay Area. The Bay Area is home to hundreds of organizations and business, and many individuals, perhaps you are one, who are concerned about the environment and community sustainability as a response to the global ecological and social crisis and who desire a more healthy, peaceful world. The actions of this growing movement have developed organically and segregated so that there is much overlap, little communication and many opportunities for collaboration that would speed the sustainability transformation of the world.

UAS’ mission responds to this need for inspiration and integration by strategically identifying opportunities for cooperation, inviting individuals to learn about sustainability, acting as an intermediary between you and the multitude of non-profits, businesses and civic groups implementing solutions, and developing programs and delivering services to facilitate actions with a whole-systems approach. Interweaved throughout this grounded, strategic advance are the cornerstones of culture, spirit and celebration. Imagine a successful sustainability movement that is inspired, passionate, enjoyable, and compelling. UAS invites you to make it help make it happen, to observe, to plan, to act, to play — all to co-create an undeniable revolution of culture and spirit.

Initially, UAS is developing three programs with corresponding services outlined below to achieve this mission of inspiration and integration. Operationally, UAS is organized as a cooperative with a rotating Board of Directors elected by consensus.

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