About UAS.coop

About UAS.coop

UAS.coop is the virtual home of the Urban Alliance for Sustainability. The first version of this site was launched in December of 2006.

This site was developed in Drupal, an open source content management system based on the ever-popular combination of PHP and MySQL. The site is themed with CSS based on a custom design crafted by Gustavo Alacantar of SwirlSpace. Development credit is due to both the outstanding UAS Communications Team and the crew at Agaric Design Collective.

The Urban Alliance chose a .coop domain to highlight our collective organizational structure. Cooperative business are the economic model of the future because they guarantee equity and democracy in the workplace. To learn more about cooperatives, visit the National Cooperative Business Association. To purchase your own .coop domain, visit www.cooperative.org.

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Upcoming events
Thu, Feb 01
Energy Auditing Course
Thu, Feb 08
Green Movie Night – Visions of Utopia
Mon, Feb 26
GreenUP Consultant Training


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