Board of Directors

Board of Directors

UAS is a cooperative organized by a Core Team (see structure) that also serves as the Board of Directors (the label Board of Directors is considered to be more of a formality to meet the cultural requirements for non-profit organizations). The current Board Members are:

Gustavo Alcantar

Gustavo is a native-born San Franciscan, fueled by a creative spark and a passionate green edge. He has traveled far and wide, acquiring a taste for the un-american lifestyle and deep respect for planetary beauty & wisdom. He is the Principal/Designer of Swirlspace Hempwear & Design (, and co-founder of the Urban Alliance for Sustainability.

Kevin Bayuk

Kevin is a serial entrepreneur especially skilled at translating visionary solutions into operating models and activated organizations. He has experience in every facet of technology start-up development, helping grow Atomic Vision, ThinkLink and most recently founding Clarus Systems, Inc. ( He has demonstrated skill in developing relationships and fundraising resulting in $40 million in venture funding and valuable strategic partnerships. Most recently, he has left “traditional” technology start-ups in pursuit of activities more true to his heart – leveraging his skills and relationships to develop organizations and projects that regenerate healthy ecosystems and socially just environments. Kevin now facilitates permaculture trainings and sits on the Board of Directors of Daily Acts and the Urban Alliance for Sustainability.

Shawn Berry

Shawn is a founding member of the Woodshanti Cooperative (, a green cabinet shop located San Francisco. Woodshanti sets a higher standard for reponsible business practices as well as redefining craftmanship to include ethics. After founding Woodshanti in 1997, Shawn began organizing friends and collegues around the concept of urban self sustainability in 2000. This has led to his involvement in many local groups including the SF Permaculture Guild, the Network of Bay Area Worker Cooperatives (NoBAWC), and the Urban Alliance for Sustainability.

Lawrence Grodeska

Lawrence is an avid activist and genuine generalist. In addition to web development, marketing and general administrative expertise, he has cultivated a broad range of experience, from sole-proprietor to public agencies, from organic agriculture to the entertainment industry. His activist pursuits have run the gamut from food security to anti-globalization issues. He currently works for StopWaste.Org (, a public agency working to reduce the waste stream in Alameda county. Lawrence holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Biology from Rutgers University.

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