UAS’ Three Initial Programs and Primary Services to Inspire and Integrate

  1. Community Facilitation
    • Connecting people with people, projects, employment, and sustainable goods and services
    • Connecting organizations with volunteers, other organizations, employees, practice resources and sustainable goods and services
    • Developing resource sharing networks
    • Developing collective community purchasing networks
    • Celebrating social spirit
  2. Community Education
    • Business educational playshops
    • Individual educational playshops
    • Newsletters
    • Web resources to support all programs and services
      • Including a directory of Bay Area sustainability organizations
  3. Convergence Centers
    • Developing sites showcasing sustainable living, economy and community
    • Identifying & organizing sustainable business partnership opportunities

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Upcoming events
Thu, Feb 01
Energy Auditing Course
Mon, Feb 26
GreenUP Consultant Training

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